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Hi, I’m Lydia!

I help women create profitable online businesses. Through one-on-one coaching and online learning, I’ve compiled all of my knowledge and experience to help anyone go from business newbie to e-commerce expert! Nothing makes me happier than to see other boss babes gain the confidence and clarity to serve others and secure their financial future.

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Let’s work together

Let’s be honest, you don’t know how to grow your business.

It’s okay— We’ve all been there before.

In the beginning there’s a learning curve and a disciple curve for those who are transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. You’re unlearning a lot of things that you were taught in school and you are developing a completely new way of thinking. Breaking through those limiting beliefs can be a rollercoaster. Together, I can help you find clarity in your business plan and provide you with clear actionable steps to help you reach your sales goals.

I work with women who are ready to work for what they want. If that’s you, then let’s get to work!

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boss school is the ultimate place to learn everything you need to grow your brand, business, and bank account in an EASY TO UNDERSTAND, SELF-PACED ONLINE SETTING.

As an entrepreneur, you are your greatest investment. Whether you’re working your side hustle or growing your brand full time, Your business is only as good as you are.

this online learning platform is perfect for anyone that’s new to entrepreneurship and even people that have already started their journey.

My mission isn’t to just give you the tools and skillset, but to help you develop the mindset necessary to launch and grow a successful online business.

Here’s a secret: there is no secret to success. it’s a combination of work ethic, sacrifice and consistency.

i will tell you that if you’re not seeing the results you want, it’s probably because you’re missing the education and the execution. You can continue to try it on your own or you can join myself and all of the boss babes inside of boss school. together we are sharing all of our knowledge and experience to help each other achieve more.

if you’re ready to stop making excuses, and start creating a business plan you can execute, then join me inside of boss school.

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