PRESS FEATURE: The Everyday Series Blog

Press? Little ole’ me?! Why thank you!

I’m always shocked when people want to interview me. As a young twenty-something it feels good to receive the validation of your peers. It’s even cooler to be viewed as an authority in my field. When Christina reached out to me on Instagram and asked for an interview, I immediate thought her blog was phenomenal . The Everyday Series resonated with me because its mission is closely aligned with my private facebook community and The Boss Up Podcast.

Christina says , “The Everyday Series is a movement of women seeking change through collaborations and partnerships as entrepreneurs to make the world a better place. The Everyday Series empowers women entrepreneurs who are building a healthier, safer, and equitable world.”

During our phone interview Christina asked about the many business ventures I’m apart of and how I manage it all. A questions I’m sure you all have wondered yourselves. Take a look at my interview with Christina of The Everyday Series for a closer look at how I’m working to improve the lives of women everywhere.

Read my interview